The ENGIE UK trading function provides the market interface for the company’s portfolio of generation and retail assets in the UK. Our team of traders, analysts and originators hedge the commercial exposures of the business via the wholesale energy markets and transact via brokers, power exchanges and auctions as well as directly with a large number of trading counterparties.

We work closely with our power station teams, aligning production and trading plans, whilst improving understanding of the commercial value of our assets’ capabilities. Trading in the GB power and gas markets is a 24/7 operation. Our shift traders work round the clock monitoring real-time prices and generation activity, ensure our asset and traded positions meet contractual commitments, and respond to short term market dynamics with the support of our highly flexible generation asset portfolio.

The physical portfolio comprises gas, oil, pumped storage hydro, wind and solar assets. As well as sourcing fuel to run our power stations and selling power output, the commercial team contracts with National Grid to provide ancillary services. Ancillary services include provision of reserve, frequency response and black start products that help maintain security of electricity supply to homes and businesses.

The traders are backed up by a team of market and trading analysts. This ranges from technical and fundamental analysis of near and far term energy prices and also the levels at which it is economic for our assets to provide ancillary services.

Wholesale energy markets are changing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex. ENGIE has a flexible and diverse portfolio in the UK, well-placed to manage future risks and take advantage of market opportunities.

Supplier Market Access (SMA)

At ENGIE we recognise the need for fairness and liquidity in ensuring the future of a well-functioning, competitive GB power generation and supply market. Therefore we are always interested in hearing from wholesale market participants, large or small, who are looking to establish a bilateral trading relationship. If you represent an independent energy supplier, are on Ofgem's Eligible Supplier list, and are interested in setting up a trading relationship with ENGIE, enquiries can be directed to Ian Shinwell or Alex Healy at   Trading-products-01-01 TPM-team-roles