ENGIE’s UK-based trading function provides the market interface for the company’s portfolio of generation and retail assets in the UK. Our team of traders, originators and analysts hedge the commodity exposures of the business via wholesale energy markets and transact via brokers, power exchanges and auctions as well as directly with a large number of trading counterparties.

The team also deploys its expertise for external clients, such as thermal and renewable energy assets, retailers and utilities. The team has the ability to structure tailor-made solutions to complex energy management needs.  

Trading in the GB power and gas markets is a 24/7 operation. Our shift traders work round the clock monitoring real-time prices and generation activity: ensuring our asset and traded positions meet contractual commitments, and responding to short term market dynamics with the support of our highly flexible generation asset portfolio in green energy.

This physical portfolio includes gas storage, pumped storage hydro, wind and solar assets.

The traders are backed up by a team of market and trading analysts, providing a wide range of technical and fundamental analysis of near and far term energy markets.

As wholesale energy markets change rapidly and become increasingly complex - ENGIE Global Energy Management is well-placed to manage future risks and take advantage of market opportunities.

The team’s know-how is based on key areas of expertise including:


For more information on our trading commitments, activities and solutions, visit the ENGIE Global Energy Management website.