Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

Direct supply agreements offer demand, supply and price assurances

ENGIE has the expertise to arrange direct-supply agreements between low-carbon generators and businesses. These Corporate PPAs enable businesses to source sustainable electricity direct from low-carbon generators at an agreed price, while giving generators a reliable, guaranteed buyer for their electricity at a stable price. Both parties benefit from long-term price guarantees that protect them from market price volatility.

As a specialist business energy supplier, ENGIE has direct relationships with many large businesses keen to agree this type of contract. And as a leading PPA provider, we have relationships with generators looking for reliable buyers. That means we are in the ideal position to match interested parties and arrange favourable contracts between them.

ENGIE specialises in creating innovative corporate PPAs, which can include hybrid deals that combine energy sourced directly from a named generator with energy taken from the grid. ENGIE takes care of all administration, demand and supply balancing and National Grid liaison to give both parties a straightforward arrangement that offers mutual benefits.

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