Feed-In Tariff for businesses

ENGIE have gathered all the information you will need to apply for an ENGIE Feed-In Tariff plan for your business’ renewable assets.  We can help if you have just installed renewables and want a new FIT Plan, or if you simply want to move your existing plan to us.

We are pleased that businesses are increasingly wanting to generate their own green electricity, and we provide a range of products to help those who do.  For businesses whose main activity is producing green energy or businesses who have larger installations we offer Power Purchase Agreements to allow them to sell their output at market reflective prices. These can be found here.

This route doesn’t work for everyone, especially for a small businesses or small renewable assets like rooftop solar.  This is why we provide access to the Ofgem’s Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme, which rewards you for generating green energy from eligible installations.

Please note: Ofgem have announced the closure of the FITs scheme to new applications after 31 March 2019, subject to some exceptions.
Visit the Ofgem Website for more details on this: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/environmental-programmes/fit/about-fit-scheme/changes-fit-scheme

Apply for FIT here

If you want to apply to receive FIT from ENGIE you’ll need to complete our FIT application and send it to us at FIT.Enquiry@engie.com.  You can download the application form here and our FIT Terms and Conditions can be found here.

What is a Feed-In Tariff?

The Feed-In Tariff is a government scheme which is accessible to small generation installations via Energy Suppliers.  If you have eligible renewable energy sources at your business, like solar panels or wind turbines, the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) allows you to be paid for the energy you generate. 

If you have a meter that measures the excess energy that flows back to the grid you could ask us for a market related Power Purchase Agreement for your export.  If you don’t have such a meter though, don’t worry as the FIT scheme has provision to provide you with payment for the excess energy you are deemed to export.

How do I qualify for a Feed-In Tariff?

If you’re an ENGIE customer and you have an accredited Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate, provided by your installer, or are an ENGIE customer with ROO-FIT accreditation you can apply.

An MCS certificate is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme that certifies both products and installation companies ensuring Microgeneration products are installed to a high standard.

You need to provide an MCS certificate number as part of your application for FIT, to confirm that your system has been installed in line with the MCS installation standards.

You can find out more about FIT by visiting Energy Saving Trust website or Ofgem’s FIT pages.  

Completing the FIT form

The FIT form will ask for specific details throughout. It will be helpful to have the following information to hand:

How do I qualify for a Feed-In Tariff?

Other things that it might help to know:

If you own the installation, you are the ‘generator’ of the energy. If you choose somebody else to receive the tariff payments or benefits, they become the ‘Nominated Recipient’.

If you get electricity from the National Grid and you have an MPAN number then you’re ‘on-grid’. If you live in a property with no electricity (other than what you generate) you are likely to be ‘off-grid’.

For Export Payments there are four routes:

- Deemed Export (If you don’t have an export meter): This is where we estimate the amount of generated units you have added to the National Grid according to the rules laid down by the regulator Ofgem.

- Metered Export (Mandatory if you have a registered export meter). Records exactly what is exported to the grid and we pay a set rate based on the meter readings.

- No Export: If you’re off-grid, this is the payment type for you.

- PPA (Power Purchase agreement – large scale generation): If you install a large system (over 100 kWh) then we may be interested in buying your exported power from you at an increased rate.

The details in this FIT Application form are needed for ENGIE to set up your Feed-In Tariff Plan and validate your application.  The form is based on the information we are required to collect and provide to the regulator, Ofgem, who manages and oversees the FIT Scheme.

Send your completed application to FIT.Enquiry@engie.com attaching the relevant documents and photographs.
Alternatively via post to The ENGIE FIT Team, No1 Leeds, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds LS12 1BE

For FIT Related Enquiries, please email FIT.Enquiry@engie.com or call 0113 284 5404

For FIT Meter Readings, please email these to FITMeterReadings@engie.com towards the end of each calendar quarter