Helping to create a new metropolitan centre for London

“Our work at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is having far reaching social impact as well as transforming the neighbourhood through our provision of clean, sustainable and locally sourced energy and facilities management It’s a great example of the transformation that can happen when services and energy are truly integrated.” – Tom Peters,  QEOP Partnership Director, ENGIE UK & Ireland

The partner:



Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, East London

The project brief:

The mission of the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) is to use the opportunity of the creation of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to change the lives of people in East London. ENGIE was brought on board to work in partnership to work with the LLDC to drive growth and investment in the area, by developing an inspiring and innovative place where people would want to live, work and visit. By providing an integrated delivery of energy and facilities services within the park, with additional supply of low carbon energy to surrounding communities, ENGIE is helping to create a lasting legacy, changing the lives of those living and working in East London.

The solution:

One of the primary ambitions for the 2012 London Olympic Games was that it should have a low impact on the environment and CO2 emissions. As such, ENGIE designed, financed, constructed and continues to operate, the Park’s District Energy Scheme, a £100m investment which is saving over 11,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, compared to using a traditional heating and cooling plant in each building on the site. However, ENGIE’s influence extends beyond energy, with the company acting as an operational arm of the LLDC, providing 24 separate services across the Park including horticultural maintenance, waterways management and park security.

A harmonious outcome:

To guarantee a high-quality living environment, teams were recruited from the local area to keep the Park and its facilities well maintained, helping to create a truly integrated service offering alongside environmentally friendly energy services. This involved the creation of Our Parklife, a partnership with local organisations, that helps to connect the local community to the Park through a team of over 700 volunteers.

Through this activity a truly harmonious solution was created, bringing together ENGIE’s diverse services offering and creating an on going legacy for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which has allowed the area to thrive beyond its original purpose.

Discover our 23rd collaborative project [ENGIE x Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park]: “What if energy and services could help transform a neighbourhood?” below: