Making heating more affordable for residents

 “Our expertise in wide scale regeneration and energy projects, coupled with Kensa’s extensive experience in providing a quarter of the country’s underground heat pump systems, will ensure this project will be delivered in a seamless manner with outstanding results.” - Simon Lacey, Regional Managing Director for ENGIE

“This innovative solution provides warmth and hot water at a much reduced cost; harnessing natural heat and reducing carbon emissions. We are proud of the work we have done to create a more sustainable Enfield, where a series of investments will help to save money, energy and carbon.” - Cllr Alan Sitkin, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Business

The partner:

Enfield Council


Enfield, London

The project brief:

ENGIE, working in partnership with Kensa Heat Pumps, was appointed by Enfield Council to deliver England’s largest Ground Source Heat Pump system, helping to deliver reduced heating bills to 400 households and to create a low emissions neighbourhood for the London borough of Enfield.

The solution:

400 flats over eight tower blocks are due to be retrofitted with Shoebox heat pumps, which use pipes underground to extract heat and store solar energy, absorbing low grade heat and releasing it to another location where it can be used to provide hot water and central energy. As well as substantially reducing carbon emissions, by harnessing natural heat, the new and efficient heating system is highly cost effective, delivering reduced heating costs for residents.

A harmonious outcome:

Two thirds of heating which is provided through the pump is sourced from the ground for free, which will see residents benefit from between 30-50% savings on their heating bills every year, helping improve the lives in the neighbourhood as well as providing a low carbon energy solution. When the work is completed in October 2018, each ground source pump installed in the flat will also have a 25-year guarantee, allowing residents to benefit from the new system for years to come, leading to a harmonious outcome for all.