1st December 2022

Sustainability with Marc Mulligan

Name: Marc Mulligan

Role: Senior Marketing Executive

How do you try to live sustainably day to day?

When you look into it everybody can be sustainable in their day to day life without even noticing!

For instance I use boxes to split my recycling down, one for mixed and one for glass.  All glass bottles will go to the designated bottle bank and all mixed recycling can go into the council recycling bin – this takes a small amount of effort but aids sustainability by preventing unnecessary landfill.

I also shop at a sustainable shop which looks to reduce food wastage and sells products which are nearing there sell by date, these foods can be easily frozen for a later date which lowers food wastage – this is particularly prevalent within the UK. 

I have also vastly reduced the amount I use my car, using public transport to get to/from work and on a weekend when I go to watch the football, I will now walk to the train station and get a train rather than drive.

I have also begun to walk more, which originally was to improve my health but this has also lowered my carbon footprint, why drive to the local shop if you can walk?

Have you seen any benefits from sustainability in your life?

I have started to see some health benefits from more regular walks, not only has this improved my physical health but it has improved my mental wellbeing all whilst helping the environment!

These small changes have not only improved my sustainability but also my bank balance, as petrol prices have risen to new heights it makes sense to be more sustainable – not only the planet will reap the rewards!

Why is sustainability important in your life?

Sustainability has become more important in my life as I have matured, we only get one planet and it is important that we change now so that future generations are faced with problems that we have caused.

Working at ENGIE has also opened my eyes to the importance of renewable technologies and how these can improve sustainability in the UK and globally.

Finally, sustainability has also become more of a key part in my life as I look to set a better example to the younger members of my family, it's important that we all play our part in a brighter future.