Insight Report: How councils can collate, use and store data

ENGIE was delighted to host the latest in the series of NLGN’s Innovation Exchanges at our Canary Wharf offices. In an open and well facilitated discussion there was a consensus about the importance of rich data; how some are using the data they hold for progressive agendas; and how we are still learning about the issues surrounding data sensitivity.

Data is a powerful tool. Technology and digitalisation are playing a growing role in the delivery of improved service efficiency by linking data from a variety of sources. For councils, harnessing meaningful data and turning it into actionable outcomes can help deliver more efficient, vibrant and sustainable communities.

In 2014 Leeds City Council wanted to achieve better value for money in its energy purchasing across its large and diverse estate. It also sought to update its energy procurement methods so that it could benefit from lower prices in the fluctuating wholesale markets. As well as reducing the cost of energy purchased, the council aimed to reduce the volume of electricity consumed across its premises to help achieve its carbon-reduction targets. The council entered into a collaborative partnership with ENGIE which enabled it to save around 10% on its overall gas and electricity costs in the first year and has continued to reap the benefits of meaningful data; reducing cost, carbon and consumption and creating savings that can be reinvested back into its communities.

Beyond cost efficiency, intelligent energy management software is helping our partners in local authorities and others keep track of usage across their portfolios and to act quickly to tackle energy wastage or inefficiency. ENGIE’s C3NTINEL system analyses and compares data across thousands of meter points to alert our monitoring teams about abnormal trends in energy usage, initiating investigation and rectification on the root cause. With hundreds of sites to monitor, these anomalies in energy usage would never previously have been spotted.

ENGIE is pleased to partner with NLGN in this data insights report, as the agenda of how to collate, use and store data becomes ever more important.

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