Independent Scrutiny Board reports on ENGIE’s progress on Responsible Business

ENGIE, the leading energy and services Group, has reported for the second time on progress made against its Responsible Business Charter, which was first launched in 2018. 

Operating at the highest economic, social and environmental standards has always been absolutely fundamental to ENGIE’s operations. In September 2018, to further underline the commitment of the business in this area a new Responsible Business Charter was established. The Charter ensures that ENGIE will make commitments in the four areas of fair business growth, transparency and accountability, being a fair employer, and supporting communities and the environment.  The four commitments are validated by supporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

To hold ENGIE to account for delivery and to publicly report against progress, a Scrutiny Board was also established chaired by Lord Kerslake and its independence verified by the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny - a national charity specialising in governance and scrutiny. The report highlights a number of achievements made during the last 12 months including:

The report also recognised that for other KPIs, whilst progress has been made, progress was impacted by COVID with most indicators showing a maintained position. These include demonstrating where the business is maximising social value, accelerating work to improve diversity and inclusion, delivering consistent and high quality customer service and recognising the increasing external cyber threat.

The Scrutiny Board was satisfied that realistic and robust action plans are in place for these and will continue to monitor them.  A table summarising progress against each of the Responsible Business Charter Commitments can be found here.

Lord Kerslake, Chair of the Scrutiny Board said: “Whilst the response to COVID has undoubtedly impacted on all aspects of ENGIE’s work, including the Responsible Business Charter commitments, I am pleased to say that their commitment to maintaining high business standards and to transparency and scrutiny remained steadfast throughout this period.

The Scrutiny Board continued to work closely with the organisation and providing support, challenge and recommendations in real time as well as through the recommendations captured in this report.”

Nicola Lovett, CEO ENGIE UK & Ireland said: “In a challenging year impacted by the effects of the COVID pandemic, we have managed to maintain solid performance across all commitments within the Charter. The principles and action plans are now well-embedded within our operations across the business. I am exceptionally proud of our employees and their ability to support the maintenance of essential and critical services across the UK during the pandemic.

The Charter and the scrutiny of our development against the commitments is driving significant progress, improving how we operate as an employer, contractor, partner and leader within our sector. There is however much more to be done to meet our own high targets and we will continually evolve the way we work to better meet the changing needs of our stakeholders. As a result, I am confident we will continue to set new standards for responsible business for the industry to follow.”

The Scrutiny Board will continue its role throughout 2021 to validate and scrutinise the KPIs of the charter throughout the year, with the outcomes and recommendations publicly disclosed, again through an independent Annual Report, managed and overseen by the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny.

Further information:

The independent Scrutiny Board is Chaired by Lord Kerslake, with 2020 members comprising, Lord Adebowale, Baroness Drake, Jacqui Ferguson, Joan MacNaughton and Jane Ramsey.

More information on the Responsible Business Charter and Scrutiny Board can be found here and periodic announcements will be made as the work of the Scrutiny Board progresses.